Read Everything

Great news! It’s a fantastic place to start writing and loads of people have them.

We suggest keeping it and using it in conjunction with any content you submit on Read Everything.

We’re open to content you write for us to be visible on your personal blog too, as a duplicate. It’s key that you are able to track your own progress by way of portfolio and a personal blog is a brilliant way to do that.

If you’re not signed into our sites and accidentally navigate away whilst an article is in progress on the Write For Us page, then you may think you’ve lost your work.

Fear not, you haven’t.

A draft will have been saved in the depths of our system. Please contact [email protected] and we’ll unearth it for you and return it to its rightful home.


Top content across the network is selected daily to send to companies such as Microsoft (MSN), Metro and Bleacher Report. If you write for us your content could be seen in these places – with your name on it!

Articles are read millions of times across our network each month and it could be your content they’re reading. Everything produced is shared on our own, relevant social media avenues.

We also work hard with content aggregators so your content gets the views it deserves.


Fresh Press Media is well known by a number of large media companies and national journalism institutions. Any experience gained with us would carry with it respect and could easily be used on your CV to further your career.

We do not pay writers yet, but we’re working on it – very hard! Our aim always has been to introduce this and it’s still very much crucial to our wider plan.

We do, however, have a monthly awards scheme. This does pay writers a monetary prizes based on contribution in a number of metrics. We also have a monthly cash prize draw for all writers who have 10 or more articles published across the network.

Editors and regular writers of websites are often invited to events with affiliates or sponsors. We try and gain as much access to these sorts of opportunities as possible. This includes media day events (e.g. Deadline Day at The Telegraph), sponsor events (e.g. Europcar game days), interviews with players, former players and notable people within sport, and much more.

We do have the ability to gain some press access to certain events. This can be great for experience. Our team have attended youth games in football, as well as many friendlies and press conferences, media days for NFL, WRU events in Rugby Union, FIA accredited events for Motorsport and many more.